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anastasia freygang is an artist.

António Branco is a performance artist.

Augusto Corrieri is an artist, writer and lecturer.

Becky Horne is a dance artist.

Bryony Davies is a curator at the Freud Museum.

Cameron Hodge is a robot sculptor and author of synthetik advocacy literature.

Caroline Thomas is a Senior Instructor with Casualties Union. 

Colin Poole is a dance artist.

Dakota (not their real name) is a nurse.

Danny enjoys forniphilia.

Despoina Tzanou is a curator.

Eleanor Sikorski is a dancer and choreographer.

Eleni Papazoglou is a research designer. 

Emma Bäcklund is an artist. 

Emma-Cecilia Ajanki is a choreographer. 

Francesca Laura Cavallo is a curator, writer and researcher. 

Hamish MacPherson is an artist and editor of STILL LIFE.

Insanity’s Equilibrium enjoys dollification and being a living doll.

Jodie Granger is an artist.

Killpussy is a wrestler, dominatrix and performance artist.

Kiya K. enjoys dollification and being a living doll.

Leonie Brandner is an artist.

Lisa Kinsolving is the sister-in-law of Laurin Huber who was involved in a serious accident that left in her in a condition similar to Locked-In Syndrome until her death in 2018. 

M Doll enjoys dollification and being a living doll.

Maartje Nevejan is a filmmaker.

Marica Innocente is a photographer, sex worker and activist.

Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau is an artist.

Molly Martian is a writer, poet and podcaster. 

Old Fool RN worked in Chicago as Registered Nurse.

Paul Hughes is an artist, dramaturg and writer.

Peter Abraham is an undertaker.

Raquel Meseguer is a theatre maker.

Riccardo T. is a performance artist.

Rohanne Udall is an artist.

Rowland Hill is an artist.

Sara Wookey is a dance artist.

Simon Ellis is a dance artist.

Will Dickie is an artist and performance maker.

Yuki (not their real name) is a nurse.