68 Pages, 14.5 x 21 cm, Paperback, Edition of 100

“Consistently impressed and intrigued by @hamishmacp’s excellent zine: not just some incredibly acute thinking about what performance can do, but also what, as a format, a zine can aspire to do. Highly recommended.”

£6 UK
£8.50 Europe
£9.50 Rest of the world

Featuring: Simulated Injury in Preparation for Disaster: A conversation between Hamish MacPherson, Caroline Thomas and Francesca Laura Cavallo; An Ode to Compulsion by Eleni Papazoglou; Seven Ways to Communicate with Someone Who Cannot Speak or Move by Lisa Kinsolving; Interview with António Branco and Riccardo T.anastasia freygang; Rock Heads by Leonie Brandner; Force Feeding, Taste and Restraint by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau; and Theorizing Passivity by Wolff-Michael Roth.