Issue 2

£6 UK | £8.50 Europe | £9.50 Rest of the world

Featuring: an interview with dance artist Sara Wookey about Marina Abramović, labour rights and saying no; ‘Less Habitual Grip', a text by artist Emma Bäcklund; an interview with dominatrix Killpussy about lift and carry.; 'Rape Culture and the Duet', a text by dance artist Eleanor Sikorski; interviews with survey with M Doll, Insanity’s Equilibrium and Kiya K. about dollification; and reflections by nurses Old Fool RN, Yuki and Dakota about handling patients.

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Issue 1

£4 UK | £6.50 Europe | £7.50 Rest of the world

Featuring: Cameron Hodge and his synthetik family; Simon Ellis and Colin Poole on their performance A Separation; Danny on his love of being human furniture; Jodie Granger on her experience of nerve disorder Guillain-Barré Syndrome; and Will Dickie on what happens in a massage.

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