A (maga)zine about choreography, care and kink.
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(let me estrange you)

It used to be easy to translate situations into words
There’s this space I ́ve been trying to fill
Forgive me for not having the proper words to illustrate the thoughts and concerns parading in my head
I feel a bit tired

I don’t call back
You write again

Standing still
Moving further away
I’ve always been very good at hiding

“A heart is a shape”

I need to be reminded I still make sense
Maybe I’ll try writing it down
Put a structure to it

“If you can’t find the answer in your head, you might be able to find it elsewhere”

So, I took up walking
Under the invisible gaze of twinkling satellites
To the rhythm I am free to create
Free to dance to

“Do you think you can make sense of the unseen through sound?”
“I don’t know. I guess both writing and talking take up space, physically and sonically. Pick one.”
“But yet, sometimes, you might just need to scream”
“Is that a pop culture reference?”
“It’s not, but ok, just answer the question”

He didn’t understand what I was saying, and neither did I
If language can be an expression of identity
I feel deeply ambivalent with who we are
Accustomed to the habit of replying in the vaguest way possible
What a matter of accountability

“A heart is a shape”
“It’s not, but ok, just answer the question”

(Despoina Tzanou)

Despoina Tzanou is a Greek curator based in Braga. She is the Curator & Deputy Director of Galeria Duarte Sequeira and a founding member of DOW Collective. She holds a BA in Art Theory and History from the Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens (2015) and an MA in Curating the Contemporary from the London Metropolitan University in conjunction with the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London (2017).